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Customers want the ideal tyre for their driving and budget. That's why we offer ideal tyres for every type of Australian driver.

As an independent tyre wholesaler, we have the freedom to only select tyres that excel in tests of performance, safety and durability and represent excellent value for money. As proof of our confidence in our tyres, we back every single one with our famous Lifetime Warranty. Every one of your customers will be able to order the world's most ideal tyres for their driving and budget right here in your store.

You want proven marketing support and team training

From humble beginnings, we have grown into a multi-national company and Australia’s second largest independent tyre wholesaler in the passenger and 4WD segments. In this time we have taken America’s Cooper Tires and Mickey Thompson Tires from unknown names to respected, highly sought-after brands in Australia’s 4WD segment. We know how to succeed and we know how to help our retailers succeed. We help you maximise the marketing and advertising of your store with strategies and artwork that works. We train your team so they have the vital tyre knowledge that keeps your customers coming back.

The secret to our success?


Our passion for tyres and constant improvement

We love what we do and we are constantly chasing the next improvement in our tyres and in our systems. We are always on the look out for excellent new tyres and new levels of service to help our retailers become even more successful.


Streamlined stock management & proven marketing approach

Stock management and logistics are made easy with our reliable supply chain, Costar integration and 24/7 web order system. Our unique marketing approach has successfully positioned our tyre brands and resulted in the exponential growth of our company.


In-depth technical knowledge

Our highly-trained tyre experts have the experience to select tyres that keep their customers coming back and the in-depth knowledge to match each customer with the right tyre for their driving style.

Your trusted partner

You want to work with tyre experts who help grow your business

In a highly technical business where the right advice can be the difference between customers who stay with you for life and disgruntled ones who you never see again, every member of our team has the in-depth technical knowledge that helps grow your business. Whether they’re on the road or on the phones, everyone in our team lives and breathes tyres and receives sales training on our tyre brands as well as on-going technical training.

Direct delivery is faster

There is a reason our delivery times are faster than usual. Unlike many wholesalers who contract out the warehousing and delivery of tyres, we run our own warehouses and use dedicated delivery trucks in metropolitan areas. This means your order goes directly to our team who load your tyres onto delivery trucks. Dealing directly with us reduces the number of people and time involved.  It allows us to check the right tyres are loaded and fill your order more quickly.

You want tyres chosen purely for their merits for each market segment

We are 100% independent. We have no commercial agreements or arrangements with tyre manufacturers that restrict our freedom to choose and promote only the most ideal tyres for your customers. Any line we carry is carefully chosen in an unbiased selection process for performance, safety, durability and exclusivity. This means you can sell our tyres with confidence, knowing that these tyres are chosen purely for their merits. You also have the freedom to choose the brands you recommend, the stock in your store and you are free to deal with other tyre wholesalers and manufacturers.

You want a wholesaler who makes doing business easy

Our retailers tell us we are their preferred wholesaler because we make doing business easy and efficient.

• Costar to Costar integration - Logistics are a breeze with integrated stock management.

• 24/7 web order system - Operate on your own schedule by placing orders, checking backorder status and viewing stock levels online.

• We run our own warehouses and use dedicated delivery trucks, our team receives your order directly and checks that the right tyres are loaded from our warehouse onto our trucks. Dealing directly with us reduces the number of people involved, allowing us to fill your order more quickly with fewer mistakes.

• Delivery live-tracking capability - Find out where your tyres are with just one phone call to our GPS-equipped delivery vehicles.

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